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trigger point therapy

Trigger points and trigger point therapy
Some may refer to trigger point therapy as myofascial trigger point therapy. They both mean the same thing. So what is trigger point therapy?
Well, this refers to the treatment of myofascial trigger points, located in the muscles and fascia of the body, anywhere. These points are the most common causes of chronic musculoskeletal pain, shortened word, myofascial pain. A myofascial trigger point is ultimately identified as an area of pain near muscle dense places.
These pains can occur from overloading or incorrect movement of muscles. Not to worry however, because a certified therapist in the field of trigger point therapy can alleviate any issues related to myofascial pain. There is plenty more information on the topic elsewhere, but will not be necessary to mention here.
Breaking down trigger point therapy, there are two types of methods in treating myofascial pain, which include manual trigger point therapy and dry needling.
Dry needling involves the use of dry needles from the therapist, also talked about in our dry needle section of our website, or the classic use of the therapist's hands. Eitherway can be effective with the correct therapist.
Dry needling in greater detail uses sterile disposable acupuncture needles to improve blood circulation and flow to the targeted muscle areas. The process promotes healing and reduces pain, while also providing a different experience to the client.
Benefits of myofascial trigger point therapy:
  • Improve blood flow and circulation to the focused area
  • Releases tension on surrounding fasciae
  • Stretches the taut band (located in muscles with trigger points), effectively fixing the issue
  • Client relaxation and happiness
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