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Testimonials from my Clients 


This is truly a unique place for a professional massage. The owner was trained on many types of massage. Hawaiian,Swedish, Deep tissue, Thai, Sport, Hot stone massage and more.The location is quiet. They have couple’s massage as well as massage for men and women.

Highly Recommended    

Sarah W.

Dear Sivanart

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the times that I have spent with you during our massage sessions.

I have had three different types of your massages now being the oil, hot stone and Thai. I am in much anticipation of the up and coming Hawaiian massage that you mentioned.

I find your method of massaging very calming and relaxing, as you know I work in the building industry and the special attention you give my sore and aching muscles is much appreciated.

Over the years I have had many a massage from many different masseurs and I find that your massaging techniques are up the with the best of them. Thank you for your time in massaging me, I think that your rates are very fair and reasonable for the excellent service you give.

Yours in relaxation.

Brian Craig

The Thai massage I received was very relaxing and thorough, targeting many muscles that are often overlooked. through the whole session the technique showed was great and you avoid any area's that are requested you leave alone.

I would recommend you anytime I get the chance without hesitation and for the price it's almost unbeatable.

Jarrod Gough

I Had a relaxing massage by Pookie after work it was the best way to wine down after a day at work...

Kim G

A most relaxing massage. I have tries three different types of massage and all three were excellent.

Will be having one per fortnight.

Peter M

Excellent massage with several varieties available including Traditional Thai Deep Tissue & Relaxing oil.I look forward to trying the Hawaiian and Hot Rock which I understand are fabulous.

Highly recommended overall experience.

Tony B

One of the amazing respectful and professional people I've ever been to I won’t be going anywhere else from now on
Sivanart is a wonderful women very professional and really takes the time to get to know you and any problem areas of pain you may be having.

I would recommend her to anyone

Ty Smith

Thank you so much Pookie! I feel so good after that message - the best I’ve ever had! I will definitely come back and recommend you to anyone!

Karen F

Thanks Pookie

Must tell you how much better my feet felt after you worked on them,can’t thank you enough.You have a special gift,along with unique energy and spirit,one doesn’t meet folk like that often.

Best wishes 


1st class....
At the right pace and pressure....
Happy and healing..!!

Steve G

Great service , friendly and a perfect massage.

Matthew O

Very professional and friendly......

Togy Kunnel 

I seen Pookie and she is wonderful at what she does i will be seeing her again very soon 10/10

Muck F

I received a Reiki treatment from Sivanart and found the experience extraordinary. Throughout the process I could feel a physical and emotional release of tension as well as a feeling of emotional and physical lightness from the comfort of her voice and style. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks a deeper healing treatment.

Amanda S

Hi Pookie
I found the massage was really relaxing and it also helped my sore shoulder.The Thai style is one of my favourite.

Michael C

Sivanart is a beautiful Soul meeting her today was special. Her place of healing amazed me full of positive vibes. After the Reiki session i felt really good and so relaxed their was a good flow of energy.Sivanart offers Crystal Therapy and Massage as well which I will try.

Highly Recommended.

Pori Pipi

A deep healing clearing out and cleaning out old energy making way to rebuild  l would recommend it Sivanart Holistic Living is a good thing to visit for a deeper healing.

Ross Power

Thanks for the wonderful massage. It really worked in releasing my muscle tension.

Jessica R

Great experience. The staff (Pookie) was super friendly, and the massage itself was wonderful. Highly recommended.

Saud A

Thank you Pookie for the amazing deep tissue and trigger point massage you have me!! You applied the perfect amount of pressure and worked all the knots out.
I came in and I could hardly turn my head and at the end of the treatment I nearly had full range again!
You are amazing and I look forward to the next treatment.

Heath Francis 

I had 1 hour Aromatherapy Massage with Pookie. This is the best massage I have ever had. I will definitely come back to her again :)


Pookie has an amazing energy and a deep connection to the spiritual ethos that makes her practice unique compared to many other services I have used in the past. As I suffer from neck problems, I do seek highly trained therapists on my travels. I am very comfortable with her technique and feel completely satisfied after every healing session. I will be a regular when in the region and highly recommend her professional service to others!

Chris M

A truly professional massage from a talented practitioner who knows her stuff! My body is a catalogue of injuries, has been for most of my adult life. From sports related dislocations to trauma from a car crash, I’m a physical mess with pain so bad I’d long since given up on any massage treatment being able to help in any meaningful way. But I’d heard about Sivanart’s healing gift and happened to be passing through Raymond Terrace on a long drive up the east coast, everything was hurting, my back, my knees, my neck, so I booked a 3 hour remedial massage. And I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a game changer for me.

Sivanart is a true massage talent. The treatment itself felt intrinsically healing, like she understood my muscles and knew where to work without me saying a word, and for a good 10 days afterwards I was pretty much floating around with comfort and flexibility I hadn’t felt for years. Can’t wait for my next treatment, I’ll be making the drive especially!

Justin Coombs

Pookie has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. Great massage therapist. Such a wonderful experience...  

Barbara C

Welcoming professional service provided by the massage therapist when I had one hour deep tissue therapy.

Cliff F

Dear Pookie that was perhaps the best massage I have ever had.
A truly wonderful experience...
Thank you so much...


 Had an amazing massage today by a masseuse named Pookie,I went in with a bad back and shoulder and after one and a half hours walked out feeling like a new person,her technique was fantastic and her detail to my body was like nothing I’d ever experienced,Pookie demeaned and sense I’d humor made me feel relaxed at all times and I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief.

Pete C

Excellent deep tissue massage! Worked out all the stiffness in my neck and back.
Look forward to the next one!    

Jenny M

Pookie is a very skilled massage therapist. She knows many different types of massage, Swedish, Traditional Thai and Lomi lomi, to name a few. She is a very balanced, kind and social person, and the contact of her hands to the body is very good, as well as the pace. I can recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional relaxing and healing massage.  

Norbert Netten

I’ve had alot of massages over the years for relaxation and injury. Today’s massage was excellent, I left there feeling very relaxed and felt more free in my joints. I’ll certainly be back. Thank you

Mark M

The best massage I have ever had, bar none! Pookie a very relaxing massage with essential oils and tiger balm that really relaxed my muscles and de-stressed me. It felt very healing! She could have given a more vigorous deep tissue massage but a relaxing massage was what I needed at the time and she seemed to sense it. I will definitely visit Pookie again!

Barry Moores

Went once, and will definitely go back again. Super professional, friendly and skilled. Highly Recommended.

Rhonda C

One of the best massages I’ve had , thank you for taking the time to make sure that energy was refilled.


Dear Pookie,
Thank you for the most beautiful massage today.My body does felt better. I tries others but I found you the best.
I will certainly coming back again.

Joseph E