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Sports Massage

A sports massage focuses on the body's soft tissues. A sports massage is an intense and deep massage therapy. A sports massage, as the name implies treats muscular damage such as overuse or tension. A pre-sport sports massage will also reduce the risk of injury in following activity.

A sports massage can be done anytime before or after physical activity, and can rehabilitate and speed up the healing process of both acute and chronic injuries. A sports massage will also dull any pain in the targeted muscle groups.

When would it be a good idea and for what purposes to get a sports massage?
1. Pre-event
2. Restorative
3. Post event
4. Rehabilitative
Benefits of Sports Massage
  • Faster healing and relief of muscle injuries and chronic pain
  • Helps relieve pain, stiffness, and muscle pain. Reduces symptoms of muscle fatigue
  • Increase flexibility of muscles, tendons, fascia and joints
  • Reduce the chance of abnormal thick membranes around the muscles
  • Improves function, flexibility and strength of soft tissues including muscles, ligaments, fascia and joints
  • Helps relax the muscles from heavy use
  • For athletes, it improves muscle health and helps you be more prepared to cope with training injuries. More efficient competition