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  SPA Excellence 




Having a Spa treatment with Sivanart Holistic Living can help you in so many ways.

The good that Spa treatments can do for your mind, body and soul are far reaching. Of course you’ll love the experience and leave with a big smile on your face, but as research has shown the frequency of visiting a Spa can have a direct effect getting better sleep, better pain relief, better mobility, better skin and hair.

Visit Sivanart Holistic Living to experience Spa excellence and enjoy the full range of health benefits.  




Jump in to the very best Spa treatment & enjoy the feel-good factor.




Hair Spa Treatment    





For stronger hair follicles, revitalised scalp & roots

Strengthen your hair follicles, nourish the roots & revitalize your scalp to promote natural hair rebirth. Assist normalizing of oil secretions, increase cell metabolism & stimulate blood circulation, eliminate impurities inside pores & repair damaged hair, restore vital oils & moisture for a smooth, sensuous glow that begins at your roots.






Facial Scrub  




For flake-free skin, remove dead cells & acne

Achieve a squeaky clean skin free from flakes, remove dead cells, add glow & remove dark patches, reduce acne scars, enhance skin texture & promote a clear complexion.        


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Facial Mask  



For better skin, hydration & tone

Refine your skin pores, increase hydration, reduce fine lines & give your skin an even, firmer tone.


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Ultimate Facial Treatment





Combine benefits of Facial Scrubs,Faicial Mask and Facial Massage.

Enjoy all benefits from Facial Scrubs,Facial Mask & Facial Massage.

This ultimate facial is essential for better blood circulation & relaxation, plus you’ll enjoy brighter, softer skin.






Hand & Foot Spa



For reduced stress, better pain relief & mobility

Relieve tension, reduce stress in muscles & joints, fight pain from sore & achy feet, improve sleep, circulation & your range of motion.


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Body Scrubs



Remove blemishes, refresh appearance & confidence

Remove dead skin cells, refresh your appearance & increase confidence, promote skin hydration, clear blemishes & reduce stress.


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Body Wraps



For better relaxation, detoxification & exfoliation

Enhance relaxation, kick start skin detoxification, miniaturize your hair follicles, enjoy superior exfoliation & benefit from a quick fix for cellulite & weight issues.


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Ultimate Body Treatment




Combine benefits of sauna, scrub, massage & wrap

Enjoy all the benefits from a sauna, body scrub, body massage & body wrap, including better skin, relaxation, detoxification, exfoliation, pain relief, mobility & wellbeing.


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Waxing Hair Remover  



For longer lasting removal & better hair

A far superior solution to shaving, lasts longer & removes the hair from the roots with cuts or nicks that can leave you with scars. Ensures your hair grows slower & finer.


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Herbal Spa Bath





To help restore and maintain the body’s natural wellbeing using the healthful benefits of natural herbs and herbal extracts.

Detox, reduce muscle pain, fatigue, aches, arthritis, tissue inflammation, speeding recovery from injuries, increase circulation.


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For better pain relief, mobility & wellbeing

Ease pain, increase blood circulation & reduce muscle soreness, enhance joint movement & ease arthritis pain, bring down stress levels, promote relaxation, wellbeing & better cardiovascular health.


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If you’d like any further information about our huge range of Spa services, please contact us anytime.




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