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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a focused massage treatment. Remedial massage treats injuries to Muscles, Tendons, and ends of Fascia by using massage techniques similar to Deep Tissue Massage focused around the area of injury. The massage can treat a variety of injuries, relieving you of pain and helping with the healing process, such injuries which can be treated by Remedial include Tennis Elbow, Migraine Headaches, Wrist Webbing problems and many others. Remedial Massage focuses on the tendons and muscles where the specific injury is instead of the whole body like Deep Tissue Massage or (out of the question for muscle recovery) Aromatherapy (AKA and closely related to Swedish Massage).The aim of Remedial Massage, like Deep Tissue Massage is of course for Muscle/ligament/Fascia recovery etc. Remedial may as well be a variation of Deep Tissue Massage with a focus on certain and different areas.

Benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy

1. Stimulation of the blood supply allowing the removal of toxins from muscles

2. Calms the peripheral nervous system for easing pain and discomfort

3. Improvement of joint mobility by toning and relaxing the muscles

4. Repairs damaged tissues

5. Faster healing time for injury

6. Helps with Postural issues

7. Easing muscles stiffness and tension