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Reiki is one of the oldest, most versatile holistic treatments... you’ll be in great hands.

Reiki is ancient Japanese method of healing which taps into your energy to balance your mind, body and spirit, and can help you with any area of your health and wellbeing. Working across your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual senses, Reiki is proven to enhance many, many aspects of your life.

From promoting general physical health, relieving stress and sharpening mental focus, through to targeted treatments to help fight specific ailments, the benefits Reiki can bring to your wellbeing are truly significant... in fact it’s even accepted as complementary therapy in many hospitals around the world. 



What Reiki treatment with Sivanart Holistic Living can do for you.



Reduce stress & relax

Reiki kick starts your body’s natural healing ability & immune system, helping you relax & get better sleep.


Effective pain relief

Reiki is proven to help reduce pain on any level, including migraine, arthritis, sciatica, asthma & menopause.



Speed up recovery

If you’ve been in surgery or had an illness, Reiki can help you recover faster & reduce medication side effects.


Promote inner calmness

Reiki will balance your general peace of mind, meaning you’ll cope better with everydaylife & enjoy mental clarity.



Relieve emotional sorrow.

In times of deep sorrow, like bereavement or really bad news, Reiki can help clear your emotions & bring perspective



Overall health & prevention

Reiki sessions can ensure better general health & emotional balance, preventing many conditions before they happen.

Reiki is for everyone! Healing people of all ages, including children & seniors (even pets). 


60 Minutes / $90