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With Sivanart Marich, it’s all about you.


Sivanart is someone who is completely devoted to the practice, study and continual improvement across many natural remedies and complementary therapies... all because she wants to make your world a better place.

Put simply, if you’re happy, then Sivanart is happy. Whoever you are, whatever your beliefs and whatever it is you’re looking for from your holistic treatment, Sivanart’s compassionate mind is wide open to your authentic self and wants nothing more than your complete inner satisfaction and wellbeing.


Sivanart’s holistic background... why so many clients keep coming back, time after time.

Sivanart was born in a beautiful countryside region called Udonthani province in northern east Thailand. Born to a strong farming father and a role model mother, who both passed on their deep Buddhist beliefs to Sivanart and her four sisters, the keyword which unpinned everything the family did was “giving”.

Giving love and time to anyone around her who needs it. Giving support to people throughout her community. Giving unrivalled care and free advice to her holistic therapy clients. Unconditional kindness flows through Sivanart’s heart in every direction, and it drives the way she performs your treatment.


Sivanart’s holistic qualifications... why you know you’ll be looked after by one of the very best.

Sivanart was what you’d call a “high achiever” in college and university, with a long list of qualifications in academic subjects. Following an epiphany during an energy healing experience, she turned her mind to the study of holistic therapy and began to build another long list of certifications and accolades.

Her study includes countless research projects into holistic treatments, ingredients, health effects and diet. She has dozens of recognised qualifications in Crystals, Reiki, Spa and Massage. She’s also an accredited member of Massage Association of Australia and Australian Holistic Healers & Counsellors Association.

So whatever holistic treatment is right for you, you know you’ll be safe and satisfied in Sivanart’s hands.




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