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Intimacy, privacy, quality, comfort & value... you’ll feel better with Sivanart Holistic Living’s services.

Sivanart Holistic Living treatments take place in the beautiful home of our founder and head practitioner, Sivanart Marich. From the moment you walk through the door, you’re our friend and we’ll do everything within our power to ensure your immediate comfort and ultimate satisfaction with your holistic therapy.

Whether you’re enjoying your Reiki  or Crystal therapy in the main house, rejuvenating with your Massage or Spa in the specially prepared, completely private separate area, or wandering around Sivanart’s dearly loved Herbal Holistic Garden, you’ll feel the full authentic Thai experience in complete comfort & privacy.



Reiki Healing Help heal in all corners of your mind, body & soul

Stress reduction & relaxation, enhance your immune system, improve sleep & health.


     Bring about inner peace & harmony in your quest for spiritual growth.


         Balance your mind & emotions, encourage a calmer more peaceful state.



Relieve emotional distress & sorrow, help the grieving process, prevent brain drain.


   Relieve pain from migraine, arthritis, sciatica, symptoms of asthma, fatigue & insomnia.



        Speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illness, reduce medicinal side effects.



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Crystal Therapy Get beautifully back “in tune” with your body, mind & emotions



Relief from physical aches & pains, find more energy, de-toxify, enjoy restful sleep.


Relief from mental stress, experience calmness, clarity & better focus.


Release from "old" emotions, discover a profound sense of wellbeing & balance.


Enjoy the spiritual "lightness" of being more connected, with more purpose.





For transmitting, storing & amplifying positive energy.






To cut through illusion & enhance psychic ability.




Rose Quartz

For strong relationships & calming space.


Tiger Eye

To grow wealth & create understanding.


Iron Pyrite

To kick your intellect & memory into higher gear.




To feel full of warm, optimistic energy.




Desert Rose

To enhance mental clarity, insight & awareness.



To help communication, bring peace to mind & body.

Raw Emerald

for less  negativity, more focus, loyalty & sensitivity.



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Massage Expertise Years of in-depth massage know-how at your service.



 Thai Massage For Health

For better mobility, circulation & pain relief.




Warm Bamboo Massage

For better breathing, cellular activity & sleep.



Thai Tok Sen Massage

For better pain relief, circulation & nerve function. 





Hot Stone Massage

For reduced stress, pain relief & boosted immunity. 



Aromatherapy Massage

 For boosted energy, brain power & digestion.




Swedish Massage

For better muscles, rehabilitation & pain relief.




Balinese Massage

 For better lymphatic function, drainage & anxiety.




Foot Reflexology Massage

 For improved nerve function, energy levels & healing.





    Whole Body Massage

For a better physical,mental & cognitive state.




Therapeutic Thai Massage

For reduced stress, blood pressure & pain.



Sport Massage  

For better exercise, recovery & circulation.




Deep Tissue Massage 

For releasing chronic muscle tension, lowering spasms, treating anxiety..


Thai Herbal Compress Ball Massage

For better relaxation, posture  & wellbeing.



Hawaiian Massage

For better immunity,nutrition & state of mind.




 Body Lift Up Massage

For improves blood circulation,flushes toxins in the body.For Smooth & firming Skin.



 Postpartum Massage

For help relieve pain & hormone regulations, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding.



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Spa Excellence Jump in to holistic living & enjoy the feel-good factor.



Hair Spa Treatment    

 For stronger hair follicles, revitalised scalp & roots.


Facial Scrub  

      For flake-free skin, remove dead cells & acne


 Facial Mask  

  For better skin, hydration & tone.




Ultimate Facial

       For better circulation, relaxation & softer skin.




Hand & Foot Spa

  For reduced stress, better pain relief & mobility.



Body Scrubs

      Remove blemishes, refresh appearance & confidence.



Body Wrap

For better relaxation, detoxification & exfoliation.


Ultimate Body Treatment  

      Combine sauna, scrub, massage & wrap.



Waxing Hair Remover  

    For longer lasting removal & better hair




    For better pain relief, mobility & wellbeing.








 Detox, reduce muscle pain, fatigue, aches, arthritis, tissue inflammation,  increase circulation.