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What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a natural treatment that focuses on the rehabilitation and comfort of various muscular-skeletal system related pain and conditions caused by myofascial or muscle dysfunction. These may be the results of poor posture or all the way up to injury. Massage is the primary tool used in Myotherapy, but is not limited to just massage. Myofascial is a band of soft tissue that supports and surrounds the bones, organs and muscles.
When the myofascial is given a rough time, through poor posture or injury (inflammation, physical trauma), it looses its pliability and can become tight and restricted.
Symptoms of myofascial pain:
• Constant nagging pain
• Numbness
• Recurring tingling sensation (pins and needles)
• Tightening or reduced mobility within joints
• Feeling tired for no reason  Or overall discomfort
The various different techniques that may be used during Myotherapy:
• Temperature-based therapies
• Myofascial dry needling
• Rehabilitative actions and exercise
• Myofascial stretching
• Myofascial Cupping
• Myofascial Gua-Sha
• Soft tissue massage therapy And various others
Seeking out and helping your body with Myotherapy will help you live easier and help you out mentally, and here at Sivanart Holistic Living we plan to do just this!



60 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $180

120 Minutes $350

Phone: 02 5513 1777,0466 595 996