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When you’re in the right hands, massage is about much more than pain, muscle & mobility. 

You probably know that massage can help cure muscle pain and increase mobility in problem areas of your body, but it can also help lower your blood pressure, relieve headaches, strengthen your immune system, reduce stress and help you sleep – to name just a few lesser known benefits.

Put yourself in safe hands... our masseurs are established experts in all forms of massage.



Enjoy a healing massage with Sivanart Holistic Living. Years of in-depth massage know-how at your service.




Ayurvedic Head Massage  

For better hair growth, get ride of dandruff, dead skin,scalp psoriasis and other hair problems.

Treats dry,damage hair,prevent flakes and dry scalp,promotes hair growth.beneficial getting sound sleep.


Thai Massage For Health



For better mobility, circulation & pain relief

Stretch like never before, mentally relax, enjoy relief from pain & better blood circulation through a new balance of your Cortisol & Serotonin.


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Thai Herbal Massage  

Compress Ball Massage



For better relaxation, posture & wellbeing

Induce deep relaxation, relieve stress & fatigue, boost emotional & physical wellbeing, enjoy better body alignment & posture, improve your blood & lymph circulation, stimulate your internal organs.


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Thai Tok Sen Massage  




For better pain relief, circulation & nerve function

Relieve physical aches & pains, clear energy blockages, enhance circulation & soothe nerve problems.


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Hot Stone Massage



For reduced stress, pain relief & boosted immunity

Relieve muscle tension & pain, reduce stress & anxiety, promote better sleep. May help decrease cancer symptoms & boost immunity.    


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Aromatherapy Massage




For boosted energy, brain power & digestion

Reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, enhance cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen your immune system, relieve pain, improve digestion & circulation.      


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Swedish Massage



For better muscles, rehabilitation & pain relief

Rehabilitate your muscle injuries, increase flexibility, reduce stress, enhance blood flow & effectively manage pain.  


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Balinese Massage



For better lymphatic function, drainage & anxiety

Activate better blood circulation & lymphatic function, improve natural drainage, combat muscle & joint pain, enhance mobility & muscle tone, alleviate allergy & respiratory symptoms, enjoy calm relief from anxiety & depression.          


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Foot Reflexology Massage



For improved nerve function, energy levels & healing

Improve your nerve function, boost energy levels, enhance circulation, promote relaxation, eliminate toxins, heal faster, help headaches, cancer treatment & pregnancy.


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Whole Body Massage




For a better physical, mental & cognitive state

Helps prevent asthma symptoms, decreases premenstrual syndrome, helps you mentally recover from sexual & physical abuse, enhances cognition & learning for children, promotes better pregnancy, faster surgery recovery, lowers blood pressure & improves digestion.      


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Therapeutic Thai Massage



For reduced stress, blood pressure & pain

Relieve stress & anxiety, promote better wellbeing, reduce high blood pressure, alleviate arthritis symptoms, boost immunity & help heal minor injuries.


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Sport Massage  



For better exercise, recovery & circulation

Improved training capacity & exercise recovery, remove toxins & waste, boost circulation & help prevent injury.


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Deep Tissue Massage



For Rehabilitates sore muscles

Promote relaxation, circulation, better motion, relieve muscle tension, For releasing chronic muscle tension, lowering spasms, treating anxiety.


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Warm Bamboo Massage


For better breathing, cellular activity & sleep

Stimulate better blood circulation, relieve migraine, improve sleep & combat insomnia, manage respiratory ailments & alleviate arthritic pain, improve nerve function & nerve perception, enhance joint & muscle flexibility, stimulate cellular activity & nourish your skin, break down & soften adhesions, fight pain from lactic acid.


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Hawaiian Massage



For better immunity, nutrition & state of mind

Enhance your immunity, release tension & stress, improve your physical state, boost nutrition, build strength, enjoy better state of mind & empowerment through quality relaxation.


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 Body Lift Up Massage

For improves blood circulation.

Improves blood circulation. It flushes toxins in the body,help slim up, lift up & shape up the body. For Smooth & firming Skin.


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 Postpartum Massage 

For help with stress reduction & relaxation.

Help to relieve pain & hormone regulations, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding.



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If you’d like any further information about our huge range of Massage services, please contact us anytime.



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