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Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and help repair damaged tissue throughout your body.
During a hot stone massage, heated stones (usually made of basalt which retains heat well) are placed on specific areas of your body. Hot stones are often heated to 130-145 degrees.

The areas stones may be placed on are:
• along the spine
• on the stomach
• on the chest
• on the face
• on the palms
• on the feet and toes

The massage therapist may also hold hot stones in their hand while they use their traditional Swedish massage techniques. Cold stones are also sometimes used during a Hot Stone Massage, cold stones soothe the skin and calm any engorged blood vessels when applied after using hot stones.

All types of massages today generally fall under the alternative medicine umbrella. Massages are becoming a very popular and effective complimentary therapy for many conditions, especially the Hot Stone Massage

Here are the main positives of a hot stone massage:
•helps relieve muscle tension and pain
•reduces muscle spasms intensity and frequency, and increases flexibility and range of motion of the body
•cold stone therapy helps relieve inflammation, depending on the symptoms alternating between the two may be a great idea
•like most massages, reduces stress and anxiety
•helps you have a better sleep
•relieves symptoms of auto-immune diseases
•relieves some painful condition such as Fibromyalgia (which causes widespread chronic pain)
•helps decrease cancer symptoms
•helps boost your immune system

And in general, Hot Stone Massage is another great choice here at Sivanart Holistic Living!