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Holistic Therapy

What is Holistic Therapy and how can it help?

Holistic therapy offers numerous mental benefits in combat of mental health issues, combining the psychological and physiological aspects of ones self together. The idea is that a physiological condition/illness may be caused by mental/psychological problems. (Example: Chronic pain)
This includes
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Stress management
In addition Holistic Therapy can help with physiological illnesses that have psychological origins, examples include muscle tension, and digestive troubles.
Keep in mind you do not need any harmful health conditions or symptoms to seek support from a Holistic therapist. You can certainly still benefit from Holistic Therapy for relaxational/recreational purposes to put your mind at ease for general well being.
Holistic Therapy is a broad category of different Therapies taking place in many forms, however conclusive research and evidence proves Holistic Therapy aids to ones well being and overall Holistic health. 
Holistic Therapy when treating more severe illnesses/conditions will common be used in conjunction of other conventional treatments, perhaps such as medication in accordance with your health advisers.
The four basic therapies of Holistic Therapy:  
For information on how frequent and what form of Holistic Therapy you may need, contact and make arrangements with your healthcare professional and/or therapist.


60 Minutes $ 90

90 Minutes $150

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