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How Crystals work & what they can do for you... enjoy Mother Nature at work.

Put very simply, the energy radiating from certain crystals by its very nature connects on a harmonious level to the human frequency, at human energy speeds. This means crystals can be used to get beautifully back “in tune” with your body, mind & emotions.

Sound, colour and light are all different types of energy, vibrating at different speeds. Your body responds to this energy, using your eyes, ears, skin and nerve structure to react to the various frequencies emitted by different types of crystal. Essentially the crystal is the transmitter, and your brain is the receiver.

The result is that crystals can embrace and enhance your body’s natural energy and ability to produce healing power you didn’t even know you had, helping you to address a vast number of issues from pain and stress relief, through to effective detoxification and improved inner wellbeing.




The “big 4” benefits of Crystal Therapy... helping you get better in every corner of your life.






Your physical state

Relief from physical aches & pains, find more energy, de-toxify, enjoy restful sleep.





Your mental state

Relief from mental stress, experience calmness, clarity & better focus.

Your emotional state

Release from "old" emotions, discover a profound sense of wellbeing & balance





Your spiritual state

Enjoy the spiritual "lightness" of being more connected, with more purpose.

What different types of Crystal can do for you... Mother Nature at her very best.



for transmitting, storing & amplifying positive energy.



to cut through illusion & enhance psychic ability.


 Rose Quartz...

for strong relationships & calming space.


Tiger Eye...

to grow wealth & create understanding.

Iron Pyrite...

to kick your intellect & memory into higher gear.


to feel full of warm, optimistic life-loving energy.


Desert Rose...

to enhance mental clarity, insight & awareness.


to help communication, bring peace to mind & body.


Raw Emerald...

for less negativity, more focus, loyalty & sensitivity.


60 Minutes / $90