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What is colour therapy?
Colour therapy is a non-invasive and Holistic treatment that brings balance to your mental and physical self. The idea is that the specific frequencies of the colour performed in colour therapy alter and improve your mood and overall health, in an unmanipulative, relaxing way. This would presumably be through the electrical impulses the colours cause when percieved by our brains, stimulating or calming us. This is used very commonly in real life, stop signs are red, because humans are the most responsive to the colour red, and green is a colour that is often associated with positive things. These are natural, and basic human instincts as it is likely in the past green things such as grass and vegetation was good, and fire was a big no for obvious reasons.
Moving on, colours as we know are just reflected lights waves that make contact with our eye receptors, communicating this information to our brains to produce an image as our brains interpret them, colour. Our perception of colour can be described as a physical and sensory experience.
How to get started with colour therapy
A session of colour therapy will feature the whole colour spectrum/rainbow. As the session is started the therapist will give you an analysis of all the colours and ask you about aspects of life where you think these colours can improve. Many sessions of colour therapy will also include the complementary aromatherapy treatment to ensure relaxation, and just as likely will also feature a natural soundscape or music. A session can heavily vary depending on preference. The basis of colour therapy is that different colours will treat different ailments.
The shades of colour in this colour therapy session will vary depending on the ailment you want to correct. Examples: Blue and purple are soothing and anti-inflammatory. White and yellow colour light stimulates the lymphatic system, and green colour helps to purify and cleanse. Red is risky, it is invigorating but will cause more harm than good if already tense.
Indian philosophy, the chakras are centres of spiritual power and energies within our physical selves. There are seven chakras and each one has a different colour. 
Violet Chakra: This is commonly known as the crown chakra and is located atop of our heads, representing mental clarity, our dreams, sleep cycles and represents spirituality.
Indigo chakra: This is the third eye chakra, located between our two eyes, or eyebrows. It is associated with the pituitary gland and pineal gland, both of which are in the brain. It influences our sleep cycles, mental clarity, self esteem and intuition.
Blue chakra: This chakra is associated with the thyroid and metabolism.
Green chakra: Most commonly known as the heart chakra, it also represents several other vital organs and systems.
Yellow colour: The solar plexus chakra is associated with numerous different organs in the body, empowerment and general well-being. The chakra is located between the navel and sternum.
Orange colour: The Sacral chakra, is located 2 or 3 inches below the navel. The chakra is associated with reproduction, kidneys, adrenals and pleasure. This chakras is the mid body chakra.
Red chakra: The root chakra located at the base of the spine is represented by the colour red. This chakra has to do with our connection with the planet.