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Knowledge & dedication across all holistic therapies... devoted to your delightful experience.


Whatever you need to achieve from your holistic treatment, when you come to Sivanart Holistic Living you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll be looked after by one of the best practitioners in this field. Our facilities use only the finest, fully natural and completely proven ingredients.

On a mission over the years has to become a recognised expert in the natural therapies and complimentary treatments discipline. Our founder & head practitioner, Sivanart Marich, has extensive training and education that are underpinned by continual personal research and practical experience.

Sivanart is a truly accomplished practitioner in holistic therapy. Our treatments follow our acclaimed "Three Pillars" of service to ensure your time here is of the highest quality.




 Reiki Treatment

Release stress, remove tension, enjoy deep relaxation & nurture your life force energy.



 Crystal Healing

  Remove negative energy, sooth your body & soul, promote a precious wellbeing



Massage Therapy

Be good to yourself, enjoy a healing massage with Sivanart Holistic Living



Sivanart Holistic Living





A deep holistic knowledge & leading-edge expertise across all alternative therapies.

However you need our help, you can be assured that the advice we pass on, the recommendations we make and the treatments we give you are the result of relentless research and comprehensive practical study.



A driven desire to enrich your life, devoted to ensuring you leave with a big smile.

The first thing you’ll notice when you come for treatment at Sivanart Holistic Living is that your enhanced wellbeing and deep, inner enjoyment is the only thing that matters. When you come to us, it really is all about you.    



A principled dedication to treating you with very best facilities & ingredients.

One of the reasons you’ll keep coming back to Sivanart Holistic Living, is our unwavering commitment to keeping ahead of the rest. Your treatments are delivered with the very best equipment, techniques and ingredients.




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