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Sivanart Holistic Living

"Love life that little bit more. Experience Sivanart Holistic Living" 

  • Truly holistic healing, dedicated to your wellbeing..
  • Your wholesome, truly holistic path to happiness..
  • Add something special to your life, you deserve it..
  • Where nothing is more important than your wellness..


Whatever activities and responsibilities take up time in your daily life, think about making some space to enjoy Sivanart Holistic Living ...because an enhanced sense of wellbeing, fulfillment and happiness is something you deserve.

Life long holistic professionals are on hand to pamper you with the full range of completely natural health and Complementary Treatments. From Reiki ,Crystal Healing, through to the full range of Massages Therapy

With Sivanart Holistic Living, all you can do is Love life that little bit more..  

Here to help you love life that little bit more. It’s in our nature..

Sivanart Holistic Living is an experience you’ll never forget, because everyone remembers feeling as good as this. For many years our founder and head practitioner Sivanart Marich  has been on a mission to master the arts of natural therapy and complementary treatments, furthering her knowledge by completing Diploma courses and undertaking significant private study, continually expanding and perfecting her holistic expertise to such a high degree that your enhanced happiness is something we can truly guarantee.

See how Sivanart Holistic Ling stands apart.

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The Vision

Simply sublime holistic treatments you can trust... because you deserve the best.

Even if you’ve never had holistic therapy or seen a practitioner before, you’ve probably already discovered that it’s a very big industry, with a lot of different people who promise to deliver a lot of different things. So right from the start, Sivanart’s vision was to remove the risk and the confusion from holistic therapy and natural remedy, building strong reputation and trust through reliable, truly effective treatments... time, after time, after time.  

See why Sivanart Holistic Living stands apart.

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The Mission

On a mission to make your world a better place. Enjoy the journey.

A deep holistic knowledge and leading-edge expertise across all alternative therapies. A driven desire to enrich the lives of those around us. A principled dedication to sourcing and supplying nothing but the very best, completely natural treatments and ingredients. These are the three pillars of our mission statement and a heartfelt promise to you in everything we do. So next time you find a moment for you, let us know.

Let Sivanart Holistic Living look after you. 

About Us   See Our Services   Testimonials    Join Our Membership  

Speciality Services   

Treat, Heal & Nurture yourself with one of Sydney’s finest Holistic Practitioners.Visit our Muswellbrook treatment rooms today or book a home visit. Sivanart Holistic Living is one of Sydney’s renowned experts on alternative therapies and natural remedies, so you’ll be in safe, effective hands and experiencing that feel-good factor in no time.


Beautifully healing holistic treatments... because your happiness is a must-have.


Reiki Treatment

Release stress, remove tension, enjoy deep relaxation & nurture your life force energy.

Help heal in all corners of your mind, body & soul.  

Bring about inner peace & harmony in your quest for spiritual growth. 

Balance your mind & emotions, encourage a calmer more peaceful state.

Relieve emotional distress & sorrow, help the grieving process, prevent brain drain.

Relieve pain from migraine, arthritis, sciatica, symptoms of asthma, fatigue & insomnia. 

Speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illness, reduce medicinal side effects.

Stress reduction & relaxation, enhance your immune system, improve sleep & health. 


Crystal Healing 

Remove negative energy, sooth your body & soul, promote a precious wellbeing

The full suite of crystal treatments to protect you.

Physically-Relief from aches and pains, more energy, a detoxification, restful sleep 

Emotionally - a release of "old" emotions, a sense of well being, balance 

Spiritually -A "lightness" of being, more connectedness, more purpose

Quartz for transmitting, storing and amplifying positive energy. 

Amethyst to cut through illusion, & enhance psychic ability. 

Rose Quartz for strong relationships & calming space. 

Tiger Eye to grow wealth & create understanding.

Citrine to feel full of warm, optimistic energy. 

Iron Pyrite to kick your intellect & memory into higher gear. 

Desert Rose to enhance mental clarity, insight and awareness. 

Celestine to help communication, bring peace to mind & body. 

Raw Emerald for less negativity, more focus, loyalty & sensitivity.

Massage Expertise

Be good to yourself, enjoy a healing massage with Sivanart Holistic Living

Years of in-depth massage know-how at your services

Sports Massage   For better exercise, recovery & circulation 

Remedial Massage  For better muscles, rehabilitation & pain relief.

The Thai Yoga Massage For better mobility, circulation & pain relief.

Whole Body Massage  For a better physical, mental & cognitive state.

The Hot Rock Massage  For reduced stress, pain relief & boosted immunity.

Hawaiian Massage For better immunity, nutrition & state of mind.

Aromatherapy Massage  For boosted energy, brain power & digestion.

Lymphatic Drainage  For Relieve stress & anxiety, strengthens the immune system.

Foot Reflexology Massage  For improved nerve function, energy levels & healing.

Herbal Compress Ball Massage  For better relaxation, posture & wellbeing.

Deep Recovery Massage For releasing chronic muscle tension, lowering spasms, treating anxiety.

Pregnancy Massage For Reduced anxiety, improved sleep pattern, eases back, shoulder, neck pain.


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